Definitions of Human Resources Terminology

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Tax Deferred Investment

temporary partial disability

As you recover from your condition, your doctor may release you to resume some work. At the time you return to transitional work, if you are not earning your pre-injury average weekly wage, you are eligible for temporary disability benefits. These benefits continue while you are recovering and have not been released to return to your regular work while you are not earning your full wage.

temporary total disability

When an attending physician or authorized nurse practitioner authorizes you to remain totally off work during your recovery, the benefits you receive are called temporary total disability. If authorized, time loss benefits are paid during the time the claim is deferred and then continue if the claim is accepted. If the claim is denied, the benefits are stopped as of the date of the denial.

The amount you receive is determined by your average weekly wage. There are minimum and maximum biweekly benefits.


Training and Organizational Effectiveness (now part of Learning and Organizational Development)