Leaving OSU


If you resign from your job, you should submit your resignation letter to your supervisor at least 14 calendar days before your last day of work. Your letter should include the reason for leaving your position. If you plan to resign because of job dissatisfaction, you should first talk with your supervisor or the Office of Human Resources.


Since retiring is considered a resignation, follow the procedure noted above. Contact Employee Benefits (541-737-2805) at least three months before your retirement date for information about retirement and benefit options. If you are age 45 or older and within five years of retirement, you may take up to three and a half days of leave with pay for pre-retirement counseling. Requests for benefit estimates from PERS should be made at least six months in advance of retiring.


Because of funding restrictions or necessary organizational changes, periodically a position must be eliminated and an employee must be laid off. The layoff process is governed by the collective bargaining agreement and information may be found at SEIU represented employees (.pdf download)

The University explores all other employment options before a decision is made to proceed with a layoff.


Dismissal is the separation of an employee for disciplinary or performance reasons. When potential cause for an employee's dismissal arises, the Office of Human Resources carries out an investigation. The employee is notified of the charges brought against him/her, and given an opportunity to refute the charges or present mitigating circumstances. You may have a union representative present at the meeting.

Depending upon the nature of the charges, the employee may be suspended with or without pay or be allowed to continue work during the period of investigation. If the charges brought against the employee are determined valid and sufficient cause for dismissal, a notice of dismissal is issued to the employee. The dismissal of a regular status classified employee may be appealed by the union to binding arbitration.

Employee Benefits Upon Leaving

You are encouraged to contact Employee Benefits in the Office of Human Resources (541-737- 2805) before leaving OSU for information about your OSU benefits. In most instances you may continue your medical and dental insurance plans for up to 18 months by paying the monthly premium yourself. Other typical information on PERS or life insurance is available.