Stipends for Postdoc Scholars

Stipends and Benefits for Postdoc Scholars

Stipend Guidelines

Stipends for postdoctoral scholars are governed by a policy adopted on January 28, 2014 that requires stipends to be no lower than those set by the National Institutes of Health for their NRSA fellows. The minimum rate for Postdoctoral Scholars with no prior postdoctoral experience in FY 2023 is $56,484/year with annual increments for each year of service. Postdocs and their mentors can negotiate stipends above this minimum level. For more information, see the NIH web site

Years of experience Stipend for fy 2023 Monthly stipend
0 $56,484 $4,707
1 $56,880 $4,740
2 $57,300 $4,775
3 $59,592 $4,966
4 $61,572 $5,131
5 $63,852 $5,321
6 $66,228 $5,519
7 or more $68,604 $5,717

In order to hire international scholars, some visa classifications require that the scholar be paid the prevailing wage for such employees. Compliance with this standard is required for certain visas to be issued. Before offering a postdoctoral appointment, contact Office of International Services to determine the appropriate visa type. Compensation for Postdoctoral Fellows is governed by the agency providing funding, and therefore varies based on the source of funds.