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We have communicated six key results to be achieved from this project that create the framework for the Professional Faculty Job Category and Compensation Program :

1. Compensation Philosophy:

A clearly articulated summary that defines OSU’s strategy and guiding principles for how pay will be determined, managed, and communicated

The Philosophy includes a vision for the Program that describes our goals:

  • OSU will be able to recruit and retain a diverse, high-quality workforce to fulfill the mission of the University.
  • There will be a Job Family framework, reflecting the variety of positions and responsibilities among Professional Faculty that more clearly recognizes job value and defines career progression
  • The Program will provide competitive salary practices, through comparison to appropriate talent markets, that are fair, equitable and financially sustainable
  • OSU’s work environment will be improved through this Program by providing opportunities for all Professional Faculty to achieve career and work life goals
  • Over time, the Program will facilitate recognition and reward of productivity, work effectiveness, and contribution to the University’s goals, thereby encouraging life-long learning and development.

2. Job Grouping/Categorization and Titling System:

Updated job family, titling, and job structure guidelines to consistently categorize and title jobs in a logical and meaningful way

3. Benchmark Analysis and Process:

A well-defined, professional, repeatable process that yields an objective benchmark analysis of Professional Faculty compensation levels, that reflects market competitiveness of base salaries

4. Market Competitive Compensation Program:

A simple, easy to understand and administer program, that provides necessary structure to ensure appropriate, competitive, and equitable salaries, allow for flexibility, when appropriate

5. Program Maintenance Methodology:

Documented administrative guidelines and policies for maintaining and updating the overall compensation program

6. Implementation and Communications Plan:

An understandable implementation plan and timeline, including a communications plan and communications materials

Key Elements:

Internal / External Value

OSU’s compensation program will balance external market data with internal equity across the University. Internal equity will take into consideration job factors such as knowledge required, scope of responsibilities, and job impact

Comparison Markets

The work of Professional Faculty is varied and wide ranging requiring the University to draw the talent needed to fill positions from multiple employment markets (higher education, private industry, etc.)

Program Model & Competitive Positioning

Job families provide the framework for job structure and career progression for the Professional Faculty.  Salary ranges will target approximately the median (50th percentile) of the appropriate Higher Education Peers and general industry markets for identified talent segments

Link to Performance

High performance is an expectation within OSU and is recognized and rewarded.  Salary increases are based on the quality and quantity of individual contributions in support of the strategic and operational goals of the University

Communication and Openness

OSU will ensure transparency in regards to its compensation program information about individual employee pay levels and pay decisions will remain confidential between OSU and the individual

Pay Governance

Business Center HR Managers will work with Deans and Department Heads to maintain fair and consistent salary  administration practices. Detailed roles and responsibilities between senior leadership, managers, Office of  Human Resources, and BC-HR Managers will be described in detail