Sample Position Descriptions For: Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor

Position Summary: [Briefly summarize why the position exists and its role in achieving unit/program objectives.]

Teaching related appointment with an expectation for scholarly accomplishment or whose principal responsibilities are related to scholarly research.  Provides leadership to junior faculty, research associates, and graduate students; leadership and development of programs and activities; participation in school and university service activities; pursuit of professional development programs; liaison with local industry.  Associate and Assistant Professor positions may not include leadership of junior faculty, liaison role with local industry, or carry fewer responsibilities in other areas.

If this is a Research position:  Research related appointment with an expectation for developing and conducting research and securing outside grant and contract funds for scholarly research activity.

If this is an Extension position:  Extension service appointment whose assignments carry an expectation for scholarly accomplishment.

If this is a Clinical position:  Appointment with an expectation for developing and preparing students at the professional doctoral level, masters level, and baccalaureate level as clinicians and educators, with significant responsibility toward both. Position is engaged almost entirely in clinical practice and teaching, though scholarship and university service is expected; most scholarship activities are expected to contribute to professional issues or program development.

Decision-making: [Identifies the breadth and scope of decisions, the level of autonomy and review, and any specific guidelines used to make those decisions, i.e. OAR’s, FASOM, etc.]

Directs research for XXXXX.   Responsible for a $XX XXX budget; authorizes expenditures and adjustments; reports status.

Duties:  [Describe the major or most important duties performed by this position. Be clear about both the overall function and specifics of work performed.  There should be an easily identifiable relationship between the duties, position summary, decision-making and lead work/supervisory responsibilities.]

XX%      Teaching:  Teaching activities include classroom instruction, directing projects, assisting with student research and internships.  Classroom instruction may be undergraduate and/or graduate lecture/seminar courses [in the field of XXXXX] [or specify which courses and the general content].  All faculty are expected to mentor and advise students on their development, including choices relating to academic program, research projects and career directions. Participate in the development/design and revision of curriculum offered.

XX%      Research/Scholarly Work:  Pursue scholarly research and publication, and/or professional practice in the area of teaching emphasis. [Full Professors are expected to maintain a program of research/scholarly work characterized by distinction as evidenced by national and international recognition, significant contributions to the field.  Results of research/scholarly work should be published, disseminated in peer-reviewed journals, and/or presented at conferences or symposiums.

XX%      Service:  Participate actively as a member of the university community: on administrative committees, search committees, in university governance activities, and student advising.