Internal Employment Definition

Last Updated
November 22, 2023

Internal employment opportunities are filled from within the institution by candidates who meet at least one of these criteria:

  • Be a member of the OSU community.  The OSU community comprises:
    • Employees, including regular-status faculty or staff employees, individuals on approved leave from regular-status employee positions, temporary staff employees, and  academic wage employees;
    • Others who have rights to OSU employment placement (such as represented employees for whom OSU has layoff or other contractual placement obligations, disabled employees with ADA placement rights, etc.);
    • Holds Courtesy Status;
    • Workers currently serving OSU in work that is similar to that for which the new job is hiring,  such as individuals employed through temporary employment agencies or individuals providing services on sponsored program subcontracts;
    • Trainees such as postdoctoral fellows, postdoctoral scholars, clinical fellows, graduate research assistants, or graduate teaching assistants;
    • Students, such as undergraduate/post-baccalaureate/graduate students enrolled at OSU or student employees presently working at OSU but enrolled elsewhere;
    • Volunteers who work in volunteer positions authorized by Risk Management ;
    • Partners/spouses of OSU community members;
    • Retirees or Pool Instructors working at OSU (or who have done so in the last 24 months); 
    • Former OSU classified employees who left the institution in good standing within the last 24 months; -OR-
  • Have been a member of the OSU community within the previous 12 calendar months as an employee, trainee, student, or volunteer (unless a 24 month gap is indicated above).