Bereavement Leave

0700 Leaves and Absences
Policy Number

Human Resources Manual

Statutory Authority
  • ORS 351.070

An unclassified employee may use a reasonable amount of accrued sick leave for a period of absence due to attendance upon members of the employee's immediate family (employee's parents, spouse, children, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, son-in-law, daughter-in-law or another member of the immediate household) where the unclassified employee's presence is required because of death in the immediate family of the unclassified employee or the death of the unclassified employee’s spouse.  Use of vacation leave or leave without pay may be granted to discharge additional customary obligations, arising from the death of an immediate family member.

Bereavement leave is to be arranged with the approval of the employee’s supervisor and should be managed cooperatively between the employee and supervisor in such a manner as to meet the needs of the employee and the department/unit.