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Office of Human Resources
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Oregon State University is committed to protecting the security, safety, and health of faculty, staff, students and the public, as well as safeguarding the assets and resources of the University.  To meet these objectives, the University has adopted University Policy 05-030

The university will conduct motor vehicle history checks as a condition for providing service for an employee or volunteer in a position with driving as an essential function. All categories of unclassified employees, classified employees, graduate assistants, student employees, volunteers and job applicants may be subject to this check.  All practices associated with motor vehicle history checks are to be conducted in a manner that supports the University’s commitment to non-discrimination.

All employees and volunteers whose position descriptions have been designated having driving as an essential function must notify the Office of Human Resources if they are convicted of an offense which precludes them from meeting the minimum driving standard as described in University Policy 05-030. Failure to report relevant convictions may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.   

It is the intent of the Office of Human Resources to annually remind employees and volunteers whose position descriptions are designated as having driving as an essential function to report relevant convictions.  Solicitations, application forms, and announcements for positions with driving as an essential function will include a statement notifying potential applicants of the requirement to provide a certified or official driving history for review for employment or service consideration. 

If you have questions, or would like additional information please contact [email protected].