New Employee Information

EBook (Classified Employees Handbook)

This EBook contains general statements of Oregon State University practices for classified employees.

Faculty Handbook (Unclassified Employees)

New Employee/Benefits Orientation: Inside OSU Website

Become acquainted with your benefit options and enroll online! This website also lists monthly New Employee Orientation programs and resource information to get you started at OSU (supplements departmental and campus-wide orientation activities).

Drug-Free Workplace

Understand your responsibilities in complying with OSU's policy for maintaining a drug-free workplace.

Diversity at OSU

Understand OSU's commitment to promoting diversity and inclusiveness, and find resources that support its continued efforts.

Earnings Statement Sample

How to read the OSU earnings statement. Includes an explanation on deductions, benefits, workers' compensation, tax withholdings, social security, and medicare.

BANNER and Data Warehouse

Training prerequisite workshops that employees must attend to access these database systems.


OSU’s web portal. This will help you find what you need within OSU. Log on with your ONID account and get single sign-on access to administrative processes and links to all the important information and services at OSU.

OSU Online Services

View information such as your earnings, leave balances, benefit deductions; and change information such as your address and directory profile.