On the Job


Supervisors will provide an orientation to new employees, which should consist of at least the following:

  1. Work site location
  2. Scheduling of work hours and days
  3. Line(s) of reporting / responsibility
  4. Introduction to other employees
  5. Minimum work standards and expectations
  6. Time reporting and payroll procedures
  7. Grievance procedure overview
  8. Training itinerary specific to the tasks to be performed
  9. Work Performance Summary procedure and timing
  10. Job Description in writing
  11. Work site Safety

Student Work Performance Summary 

  1. Students represent the largest employee group at OSU.  They are valued equally with other employees, and their development is a highly important part of their work experience.  To promote the development of student work skills, feedback is necessary from the supervisor.  The work performance summary process provides for a standard platform to record and present observations and information about employee performance, skills attained or improved, areas to improve upon, and expectations or desires of the employee for his/her development.
  2. Summaries should occur at regular intervals established between the employer and employee during the orientation.  Summaries should be done in a timely manner to provide the best result for the effort, and to express the value the employer places on the student worker.


1.  Student's

  • When a student begins a job, he or she should discuss with their employer any expectations they have about the position and what benefits they may obtain from it.  Things to consider are; office culture skills, general “how to be an employee” skills, skills specific to the job type, any other skill you might wish to learn while employed here.
  • Other expectations may include: a safe work environment, fair and equal treatment, appropriate advance notice of scheduling changes or changes in employer needs, constructive feedback on job performance and guidance on being successful in your position.

2.  Employer’s

  • Employers will have expectations of employees, and should make those clear during the orientation.  They may include such things as; being to work on time and when scheduled, appropriate dress/attire for the job, proper conduct on the job, advanced notification of requested schedule changes, feedback about how the job is going and any needs you may have.
  • There may be other specific expectations related to the position; these should be made known to the student at orientation and/or during training.