Time Off From Work

Time and Attendance Reporting

An employee timesheet is kept monthly by your department timekeeper to record your hours worked and time off the job. Each month you and your supervisor will verify and sign this record. Your monthly earnings statement will list the balances in your various leave accounts.

For additional information on any of the topics below, please also refer to the bargaining agreement for SEIU represented employees (.pdf download)


For the University's recognized holiday schedule, click here.

Leaves with Pay


After you have completed six full calendar months of service with the University, you will be credited with 48 hours of vacation leave. After six months, your leave is accrued according to the collective bargaining agreement. This leave may be accumulated to a maximum of 250 hours.

Employees who terminate after six full months of service are eligible to receive cash payment for their unused vacation leave, to a maximum of 250 hours. Your supervisor will be responsible for scheduling vacations, subject to the operating requirements of the University. Please schedule your vacation as far in advance as possible.

Compensatory Time

Compensatory time earned by working overtime or on a University recognized holiday may be used in the same manner as vacation leave, with advance approval of your supervisor.

Sick Leave

Sick leave with pay accrues at the rate of eight hours (one day) per month for each full month of service. There is no limit on the number of hours you may accumulate.

Sick leave is provided as an insurance against loss of income when you are unable to perform your work because of illness or injury, necessity for medical or dental care, or similar reasons. Sick leave may also be used to care for members of your immediate family. You should not misuse your sick leave. Accumulate as many hours as possible to provide adequate coverage should you need it. Abuse of the sick leave privilege can be cause for disciplinary action.

Payment is not made for sick leave if you terminate from OSU. However, some PERS retirement calculation methods provide credit for portions of unused sick leave for those employees retiring from OSU service.

Hardship Leave

Vacation leave may be donated to a co-worker who has exhausted all paid leave while recuperating from an extended and continuous illness or injury. For more information, classified employees should contact their union representative.

Bereavement Leave

Sick leave, vacation leave, or compensatory time may be used to take care of customary obligations arising from a death in the immediate families of you or your spouse.

Personal Leave

After completion of six months of service, full-time employees receive 24 hours of personal leave with pay (6.5 hours for GCIU employees) each fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). Personal leave is prorated for part-time and seasonal employees. You may use personal leave for any purpose, however, it must be taken by June 30 of each year or it is lost. Make advance arrangements to take personal leave in the same manner as vacation leave. Should you terminate employment before working 1,040 hours for the fiscal year, the value of personal leave time that you have taken may be recovered from your final paycheck.

Other Paid Leave

Leave with pay is also provided for the following reasons:

    • Jury duty. You may keep any money paid by the court for serving on a jury.


    • Appearance in court in response to a subpoena.


    • Attendance in court related to your officially assigned duties.


    • Taking part without pay in search or rescue operations at the request of any law enforcement agency.


  • Military training leave, not to exceed 15 calendar days or 11 work days in any calendar year. You are eligible if you have at least six months of OSU service, and are a member of the National Guard or any reserve unit of the armed forces.

Leaves without Pay

Family and Medical Leave

Upon request, you may be granted a parental leave for up to 12 weeks to care for a new baby. Requests for leaves beyond 12 weeks will be considered by your supervisor, depending on the needs of your work unit. Accrued vacation leave, compensatory time, leave without pay, or a combination of these may be used. Sick leave benefits may be used for pregnancy-related temporary disability.

Additional information is found in the Family and Medical Leave Handbook (.pdf download)

Leave for Personal Reasons

An SEIU-represented employee with three years of service at OSU may request a leave without pay for up to four months off. You must give 60 days written notice. These leaves are usually granted upon request, subject to the operating requirements of the University.

Educational Leave

An SEIU-represented employee with five years of service at OSU may request up to six months off to permit full-time enrollment in an accredited educational institution. Upon request, this leave may be extended for six additional months. Educational leaves are granted subject to the operating requirements of the University. Contact your supervisor or the Office of Human Resources to discuss educational leave.

Military Leave

Military leaves are granted to employees for the duration of active duty with the armed forces. After receiving an honorable discharge, employees have 90 days in which to apply for reinstatement and must report for work within six months. Contact the Office of Human Resources to discuss reemployment rights.

Sick Leave without Pay

After you have used all your earned sick leave, you may request leave without pay. If your injury or illness was the result of an accepted workers' compensation claim, OSU must place you on sick leave without pay until your doctor releases you to return to work (see On-The-Job Injuries/Workers' Compensation section). If your injury or illness was not job-incurred, sick leave without pay may extend for up to one year at the discretion of your supervisor. You may be required to submit a doctor's statement to support your absence.

Peace Corps Leave

Leaves of absence without pay for up to two years are granted to regular status SEIU-represented employees who serve in the Peace Corps as volunteers.