Job Category Framework

The Job Category Framework will:

  • Ensure a consistent, equitable, and understandable application of titles across all Professional Faculty positions and supports more accurate competitive compensation comparisons
  • Illustrate level within job families and consistency across job families for the University
  • Capture the unique nature of roles and responsibilities of Professional Faculty positions and group with similar positions, where appropriate
  • Assist with defining job value factors for determining internal equity (job valuing) and external comparability
  • Serves as a guide in the future when creating new jobs and assigning them to salary grades

Even though competitive compensation data may be indirectly linked to job titles,
it is not defined by them. Compensation is also influenced by factors such as
role complexity, function criticality, and job scope.

The Framework has three components:

Job Families ->

Compiled PDQ Descriptions and Job Profiles aligned by Families based upon common roles, responsibilities, skills, and career progression

Job Level ->

Reflects the organizational responsibility, accountability, and competency requirements of the Job Profile, possibly of a Position

Job Profile

<- Compiled PDQ Description <- Supervisor Approved PDQ <- Individual PDQ

The value of the Job Profile is anchored by benchmark competitive pay practices,
taking into account Job Family, Job Level, and internal relationships.