0700 Leaves and Absences
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012
Thursday, August 7, 2014

Human Resources Manual

Policies, Guidelines and Reference Material: 
  • OSU Policies and Standards 580-021-0200 to -021-0240
Statutory Authority: 
  • ORS 351.070

 Application and Contract for Sabbatical Leave

The following is a summary of OSU Policies and Standards 580-021-0200580-021-0200 through 580-021-0245580-021-0245.

Purposes of Sabbatical Leave

Research, writing, advanced study, travel for observation and study of conditions in our own or in other countries affecting the applicant’s field or related scholarly or professional activities.

Eligibility for Sabbatical Leave

  • 0.50 FTE or greater; and
  • Tenured; and
  • Rank of Senior Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Research Associate or Senior Research Associate. Prior service at the ranks of Instructor, Lecturer or Research Assistant may be considered.
  • Length of Service Requirement:

1(a).      9-Month Employee:  Continuously appointed without interruption by a sabbatical leave for 18 academic quarters (excluding Summer Session); or

1(b).      12-Month Employee:  72 months; or

2.         Combined Term of Service:  An accumulated equivalent of 6.0 FTE years over an indefinite period of 9-month or 12-month appointments uninterrupted by a sabbatical leave.

  • FTE Less Than 0.50 or Leave Without Pay - A series of appointments shall be considered continuous whether or not interrupted by one or more authorized leaves of absence other than a sabbatical leave. A one-year period of appointment at less than 0.50 FTE will count as a period of accumulated service for purposes of the time requirement for sabbatical eligibility.

Sabbatical Leave Delay

Sabbatical leave may be delayed up to two years at the discretion of the Provost.  Refer to OSU standards for details.

Military Leave from OSU

Military leave from OSU is considered as institutional service.


  • The academic faculty member’s annual rate is multiplied by the average FTE at which the faculty member was appointed during the 6.0 FTE years immediately prior to the sabbatical leave for an employee qualifying under 1(a) or 1(b) above; or
  • Salary shall be determined using the annual rate in effect at the time the leave begins for an employee qualifying under item 2 above.
  • The academic faculty member remains eligible for university-wide salary increases while on sabbatical leave.

Approval and Revisions of Sabbatical Leave Agreement

  • A sabbatical leave shall be granted only if approved by the Provost or the Provost’s designee, acting on behalf of the President.
  • When signed by all parties, the Application for Contract and Sabbatical Leave becomes a binding contract.  Revision of the sabbatical leave program or other terms and conditions of the agreement must be approved by all parties to the original agreement (refer to Procedures below).

Sabbatical Leave Report

At the end of the sabbatical leave, the faculty member shall submit a report of the accomplishments and benefits resulting from the leave, filing copies with the Department Head, the Dean, and the Provost.

Obligation to Return

Each academic faculty member shall sign an agreement to return to the institution for a period of at least one year's service on completion of the sabbatical leave. If an academic faculty member fails to fulfill this obligation, the academic faculty member shall repay the full salary paid during the sabbatical leave plus the health care and retirement contribution paid by the institution on behalf of the academic faculty member during the leave. This amount is due and payable within three months following the date designated in the sabbatical agreement for the faculty member to return to the institution.

Length of Leave for Eligible Academic Year (9-Month) Faculty Member

  • One academic year (three terms) on 60 percent of salary; or
  • Two-thirds of an academic year (two terms) on 75 percent of salary; or
  • One-third of an academic year (one term) on 85 percent of salary.

Length of Leave for Fiscal Year (12-Month) Faculty Member

  • One year (12 months) on 60 percent of salary; or
  • Two-thirds of a year (eight months) on 75 percent of salary; or
  • One-third of a year (four months) on 85 percent of salary.

Cost of Sabbatical Leave

The cost for a sabbatical leave shall be funded by the unit paying the faculty member’s salary.

Supplementing of Sabbatical Income

Faculty members may supplement their sabbatical salaries to a reasonable degree, provided that such supplementation strictly conforms to the stated and approved purposes of the sabbatical leave (see Other Information below for limitations).

Application Procedure

  1. Obtain a set of Application and Contract for Sabbatical Leave forms.  Applications may be obtained through OSCAR at , go to the Employee Access section and complete the Application for Contract for Sabbatical Leave.
  2. Submit three original applications (two-sided contract) on pink paper to the Office of Human Resources at least one month prior to leave begin date. Note:  Please check to see if your College has specific guidelines for submission dates.
  3. The Office of Human Resources will verify eligibility, employment periods, salary, and other necessary data prior to forwarding the application to Academic Affairs.
  4. Academic Affairs will review/approve sabbatical application and return it to the Office of Human Resources.
  5. Human Resources:
    • Sends copies to the Dean’s Office, the employee and the Department;
    • Sends copy to the employee’s Business Center with a cover memorandum authorizing submission of Leave Form;
    • Files a copy in the employee’s permanent personnel file.

Sabbatical Amendments

When signed by all parties, the Application for Contract and Sabbatical Leave becomes a binding contract.  Amendments must be initialed by all signatories.  Procedures to amend the contract are as follows:

  1. Retrieve employee, deans and department copy of application.
  2. Write in red in the upper right hand corner:
  3. Send through original signatories for their initials.
  4. Forward to Office of Human Resources.

Sabbatical Cancellations

Cancellation of leave should be made by letter and routed through original signatories for their approval.

Other Information

  • Supplementation of sabbatical leave paid from grants and contracts must be set up as a secondary job and approved by the sponsoring agency.  Route the Job Form through the Office of Post Award Administration for approval.
  • The application should state the purpose of the leave in detail.  If necessary, attach a more detailed description.  Three copies of the detailed description should be attached to each of the three application copies.
  • Attach one copy of an up-to-date vita for the faculty member.
  • All three copies of the application (two-sided on pink paper) are to have original signatures.
  • In January, a letter will be sent to those employees who were on sabbatical the previous calendar year.  This letter certifies the dates the employee was on leave and can be used for tax deductions (check with your accountant).