Flexible Work

Oregon State University (OSU) is committed to creating a work culture centered in care, work-life integration, and is dedicated to advancing the vision and mission of the university. OSU considers fully remote work, hybrid work, and/or irregular work schedules viable flexible work arrangements that may be appropriate for certain positions depending on the functions, responsibilities, and needs of the university. The use of flexible work arrangements affirms OSU’s work culture commitments and aligns with OSU’s goal to recruit, develop, promote, and retain an excellent and diverse workforce.

Within this website is information designed to help employees, supervisors, and department leaders understand the university’s approach to and implementation of flexible work arrangements. These resources will assist supervisors and employees in determining whether a flexible work arrangement is appropriate for an individual employee, a unit and the students and internal/external partners the unit serves.

Fundamentals of a Flexible Work Arrangement  

Employees working fully remote, hybrid and/or an irregular work schedule are required to have an approved flexible work arrangement agreement. The decision to grant a flexible work arrangement is at the discretion of the immediate supervisor and unit leadership. Flexible work arrangement decisions are based on position duties, the unit’s needs and ability to successfully meet their goals.


  • A flexible work arrangement agreement is not required for occasional and intermittent worksite flexibility if it is considered to be a mutually beneficial working situation between an employee and their supervisor.
  • Consistent with longstanding practice, academic faculty have the flexibility to choose the location in which they do their work, aside from their scheduled on-site classes, required on-site office hours, and required on-site staff meetings or other in-person engagements. Academic faculty do not need a flexible work arrangement agreement to continue these customary work practices.
  • Flexible work arrangement agreements are not required for approved leaves of absence, including sabbaticals.