There has been a recent change in the way that the University is conducting national criminal history checks. We were notified with short notice that the Department of Public Safety (DPS) would no longer be able to conduct the national criminal history checks beginning April 1, 2020. Since learning of this news, University Human Resources (UHR) was tasked with identifying an alternative process that would enable a continuation of these time-sensitive national criminal history background checks to be conducted.

We are pleased to announce that we have identified an interim solution that will provide a similar service with a shorter expected turnaround time and is more affordable. The cost of conducting these national criminal history background checks will decrease from $41.25 per person to $28.80 per person. The policy has been updated to reflect that fingerprinting will no longer be a required component of the Criminal History Check. More information can be found at: There are some positions that mandate a finger-print based criminal history check be conducted and, in these situation, we will comply with those requirements and work with the employing unit to determine how to comply with the mandated measures.

Please contact or if you have any questions.