PEBB Benefits – Summer Coverage

Process Change (April 2022): University Human Resources (UHR) will be discontinuing the practices involved in determining summer insurance coverage for academic year employees that has historically occurred each spring. We will instead move to a shared set of principles that guide an equitable administrative process regarding summer insurance coverage (June 16 - September 15). 

Shared Principles:

  • We seek to ensure employees are treated equitably by handling similar employment circumstances in the same manner as related to the summer insurance process.
  • We seek to alleviate the administrative burdens of the current process for employing units and UHR.
  • The new process will be guided by a shared set of assumptions that both UHR and units clearly understand.
  • Following established deadlines is crucial to ensure compliance with OSU administrative processes related to payroll and benefits processing, PEBB administrative rules, and COBRA requirements.
  • UHR receiving timely notice of employment status (such as an employee’s intended separation date) is critical for a compliant, equitable process.

Process Assumptions for Summer Coverage:

  • Employees in PEBB health insurance eligible positions for the full academic year will receive summer insurance. Collection of the summer premiums from employees will be facilitated through the triple premium deduction process in May.
  • Terminating or retiring employees that are PEBB health insurance eligible during spring term will receive summer insurance benefits if their termination date is in June, July, August, or September.
  • Academic year employees, hired during spring term into PEBB health insurance eligible positions, who are expected to return for fall term, will receive summer insurance and will be included in the May triple premium deduction process. 
  • Academic year employees employed in PEBB health insurance eligible positions during fall and/or winter term(s) but who are NOT employed in a PEBB health insurance eligible position during spring term will not receive summer insurance consistent with past practice.   
  • Units with academic year employees employed in PEBB health insurance eligible positions during spring term who are not returning for fall term should notify the HR Support Services team through the HR customer portal or via e-mail at to initiate the termination process. 
    • Employment terminations processed by April 29th will result in employees not going through the summer triple deduction process during May.
    • Employment terminations processed between April 30th and June 1st will have any necessary corrections to PEBB premiums processed during June payroll by the Employee Benefits Team.
    • Employment terminations processed after June 1st will result in summer insurance for the academic year employee.
  • Academic year employees whose jobs are placed on leave for fall term are still active in Banner and so their benefits will continue for summer.
  • Employees who are considered uncertain for fall term appointments will receive summer insurance.
  • Terminating employees with deferred pay and academic year pay will both receive the full 12 months of coverage regardless of when their termination date or retirement date is during the months of June, July, August, or September.
  • The process change allows more time for stakeholders to consider future employment decisions for fall term appointments by eliminating the need to notify the Employee Benefits Team of summer insurance requirements in early spring.
    • For employees listed as Uncertain: Departments continue to notify the HR Support Services team about fall term employment decisions, as soon as feasible, through their normal processes but ideally no later than August 1st.
    • The HR Support Services team will notify the Employee Benefits team of the fall term employment decisions by September 2.