Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Topic: Web browsers

Q: What web browsers can I use with Benny Hire?

A: Chrome is the recommended browser due to its accessibility and ease of use. Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge also work. Internet Explorer (IE) is not supported.

Topic: Offer letters

Q: How do I preview an offer letter?

A: The HR/liaison role can preview an offer letter by clicking the ‘Preview Offer Letter’ button at the bottom of the Eligibility tab. A copy of the offer letter will also be sent to the department liaison once it is signed by the employee.

Q: When does the offer letter get sent to the student?

A: The offer letter is sent via DocuSign just after the student is determined eligible for employment (on the workflow, this is after the Extensive Reference Check).

Q: My department has already sent offer letters for fall term, can we still use Benny Hire for our fall 2019 hires?

A: No, Benny Hire does not have the functionality to suppress offer letters. If you have already sent the offer letter, please use your previous process for hiring.

Q: We send offer letters early, and don’t begin to create the appointment until the student has signed.  How does Benny Hire handle this?  

A: Please contact for additional information on the spring recruitment process. Benny Hire is used when offering employment to a GA that has been admitted by the Graduate School.  Benny Hire will only be used for the hiring process of graduate assistants.

Topic: Background checks

Q: When does the criminal history check (CHC) release form get sent to the student?

A: The Criminal History Check release form letter is sent via DocuSign just after the student is determined eligible for employment (on the workflow, this is after the Extensive Reference Check).

Q: Does Benny Hire validate the criminal history check index (CHC)?

A: Benny Hire validates the CHC index against Banner to ensure the index is active. The Benny Hire financial review role can also validate the index for accuracy.

Q: What happens when a motor vehicle history check (MVHC) is required; does the appointment stay in a waiting state until the student brings in their information?

A: Benny Hire will send an email to the student with instruction for obtaining and submitting their official/certified driving history. The appointment will be placed into the background check queue until the MVHC is complete. Benny Hire will email the results of the MVHC to both the student and the hiring supervisor.

Q: What happens if the student does not pass the criminal history check (CHC)?

A: Benny hire will send an email to the HR/liaison role responsible for this position in Benny Hire notifying them that the CHC results were unsatisfactory and the appointment will be moved to rejected status. The HR/liaison role can follow up with specific supervisors and/or the student outside of the system.

Topic: Eligibility checking and final review

Q: Will Benny Hire allow me to hire a graduate assistant who is not yet enrolled at Oregon State University?

A: Benny Hire requires the student to have gone through and been admitted by the graduate application process, but does not require them to be enrolled in classes. Benny Hire does not enforce eligibility rules, but instead provides all the information available so the HR or liaison role can make an informed eligibility determination.

Q: What happens when another department also has a graduate appointment for my graduate student? Will I be able to see the other appointment?

A: Benny Hire displays all current and past jobs for the student in the Eligibility tab. Benny Hire will also include other graduate assistant appointments in the minimum and maximum FTE validation.

Q: If I change the job start date during the final review stage, is an addendum to the offer letter generated and sent to the student? Does ELR have to review?

A: Addendum letters will not be included in the initial launch of Benny Hire for GAs. We will work on this functionality for future releases/updates.

Topic: Onboarding paperwork

Q: Does Benny Hire recognize which new hire paperwork needs to be sent (i.e. brand new employee, rehire, reappoint)?

A: Benny Hire makes a determination as to what type of hire the employee is and modifies the new hire paperwork accordingly. For example, if a student is a US citizen, they will not be required to fill out an NRATS from in the new hire paperwork packet.

Q: Is the direct deposit form included in the DocuSign onboarding paperwork?

A: Benny Hire will send the student a welcome email with instructions on how to set up their direct deposit via online services. The direct deposit form will not be used. (This email will be sent one day after their job loads into Banner.)

Q: How can we support students who require help filling out their paperwork when they are sent the paperwork via DocuSign?

A: Have your student log in to their DocuSign documents while you are with them. You can sit together and help them with their paperwork.

Q: Will Benny Hire send the “social security letter” to my international students?

A: Benny Hire will send the “social security letter” to all international students who do not have a social security number (SSN) in Banner.

Q: Do I still have to see the student’s I-9 documents? How do I attach copies of the documents?

A: The student must still bring their original I-9 documents to you. You will attest you have seen their documents by signing the I-9 in DocuSign and you will attach copied of their documents to the DocuSign form.

Topic: HR/liaison dashboard

Q: What appointments will I see in my Benny Hire role?

A: Your role (finance, HR/liaison) determines what dashboard you have access to, and that dashboard further filters by the following criteria:

  • Finance review dashboards for the BC finance role filter by business center with a dropdown to allow filtering by timesheet org.
  • HR/liaison dashboards filter by college and have a dashboard for filtering by timesheet org.

Q: Will I see appointments I didn’t initiate?

A: If you are in a queue that will be responsible for the appointment, yes. For example, if you are an HR/liaison role with the College of Agricultural Sciences, you can see appointments that are identified as having their home org be in the College of Agricultural Sciences, even if you did not initiate the appointments. However, you will not be able to see any appointments from the College of Engineering.

Q: Can another person pick-up and complete an appointment someone else started but did not submit?

A: Yes. Benny Hire allows any person in the same role and department (or HR Team) to edit and complete any unfinished appointments.

Q: Can I export a list of my graduate assistants from Benny Hire?

A: This is not a current feature of Benny Hire. However, it is on the application development roadmap as a high-priority item.

Q: How is it determined who gets the HR/liaison Benny Hire role?

A: HR staff who support graduate assistant hires have been granted the HR/liaison role. We have also worked with your HR business partner managers to learn who their HR team partners with within the departments, when hiring graduate assistants. This is how we came up with the original list of users with the liaison role. In the future, departmental staff may request the Benny Hire HR/liaison role via the Banner & Data Warehouse Request for Access form: see the Human Resource Information Systems section, Works in Dept/Unit: Benny Hire Liaison Role.

Q: Can I see what changes were made to the appointment by other roles, and who made the changes?

A: No, Benny Hire does not track changes currently. However, this is a feature that is looked at possibly being implemented in the future. Currently, the notes field can be used to describe the changes and justification at each role.

Q: Will Benny Hire replace our use of Ideal Logic?

A: Yes, Benny Hire is the university solution for all graduate assistant (and soon, student job) hires.

Topic: Requesting an appointment

Q: What if I don’t know my index when I am requesting a graduate assistant appointment? What if I don’t yet know the index I will use in spring term?

A: Benny Hire allows you to submit a position request without knowing your index. The index must be provided before the financial review validation.

Q: Can I hire a student from a different department or college?

A: Benny Hire allows you to hire any eligible student.

Q: Who can submit an initial request for an appointment?

A: Anyone with OSU credentials (ONID) may initiate a request.

Q: Can I hire a large group of graduate assistants at one time from a spreadsheet?

A: This functionality will not be available with the initial Benny Hire-GA launch. We will include this functionality with the implementation of Benny Hire-hourly students in spring 2019.

Q: The supervisor is in a nine-month faculty position and for summer months will hold a summer academic wage appointment. Will I be able to select their nine-month position even when it is in leave status over the summer?

A: The supervisor’s nine-month appointment is the appropriate position to identify, even if/when that appointment is on summer leave. Benny Hire provides a dropdown list of a supervisor’s positions to allow for the correct appointment to be selected.

Q: Graduate assistants will have a new minimum salary next fall; will the new minimum be enforced when I am hiring this spring?

A: Yes, the minimum salary will be updated in Benny Hire to reflect the minimum salary requirements of the graduate assistant contract.

Q: Can I use a non-standard start date?

A: Benny Hire supports use of non-standard start dates, but you must provide a reason, and the appointment will require review by Employee and Labor Relations.

Q: How do I create a G2 graduate assistant job?

A: Benny Hire will automatically assign a G2 suffix to a secondary graduate assistant job. You no longer have to manage the suffix.

Q: How do I set up a summer only job for a graduate student?

A: Graduate summer break jobs (suffix 55) will be an option within the student employee hire portion of Benny Hire, which has a targeted release date in late spring term 2019.

Topic: Changes to job record

Q: How do I make a change to an appointment after the job is already in Banner?

A: For now, until the Benny Hire-GA change management is released, any changes to existing Banner records must be changed with the OSCAR job change – graduate assistant task.