The information and instructions below are provided to help you confirm academic faculty and professional faculty eligibility for the current salary increase program. Before proceeding, please review the March 21, 2023 memo from Faculty Affairs and Human Resources. It contains essential information about this year’s increase including eligibility criteria and whom to contact with questions.

Review the worksheets to ensure that all eligible faculty members employed in the designated organization, or special grouping, are present and the listed information is correct.

The worksheets reflect employee data as of May 2, 2023. Most employees are listed in their respective timesheet organizations, but some organizations group employees by reporting lines or cluster several organizations on one worksheet. Return the completed worksheets to your HRSP no later than May 20, 2023. Your HRSP will validate the sheets and obtain signatures from deans and unit heads.

Completed By: At the top left-hand corner of the worksheet; please enter the name of the individual completing the worksheet and their phone number.

Column L – No Increase Reason Code – Data Entry Options: You must place one of the following codes in Column L if you are not recommending a fully satisfactory increase for an employee.

  • Code A – Person is ineligible because their work in FY23 was not fully satisfactory. (Please be prepared to provide an unsatisfactory review/evaluation, if requested.)
  • Code B – Person is ineligible because they left/retired before the effective date(s).
  • Code C – Person is in another department.
  • Code D – Person is ineligible for some other reason.

Column M – Proposed Fully Satisfactory Percentage Increase: Is pre-populated with a 2% increase for each eligible employee position.

Column N – Raw Annualized Dollar Amount of Fully Satisfactory Increase: Column N automatically calculates the annual dollar amount of the increase based on the input in column M. Please remember that this is an annualized amount based on 1.0 FTE. Banner will pro-rate this amount if the employee’s appointment is less than 1.0 FTE.

Columns O – Total Percent Increase, Adjusted to be Divisible by 9 or 12 Months: Column O takes the value of Column M and adjusts it to produce a total percentage increase that creates a dollar amount that is divisible by 9 or 12 months, based on the employee’s appointment basis (Column J).

Column P – Estimated Annualized Dollar Amount of Total Increase, Adjusted to be Divisible by 9 or 12: Column P reflects the amount in Column N, adjusted to be divisible by 9 or 12 months (Column J). This is an estimated amount before final adjustments made by the OSU Budget Office.

Column Q – Estimated Annual Salary Rate, rounded up and divisible by 9 or 12 Months.

Column R – Department Remarks: Please use this column to indicate any conditions that affect your decision.

Columns S and T - Department Use Only: The Department Use Only section (Columns S and T) was added to the worksheets at the request of several key representatives as a tool to assist in budgeting and ensuring fiscal controls. Please be aware that these columns do not have an impact on other worksheet calculations, nor will Human Resources or Payroll utilize this information in administering the faculty salary increases. You may elect to use or not use this section of the worksheet.

Columns S and T include an employee’s current appointment FTE (%) as of May 2, 2023 and calculate monthly actual gross salary rate based on appointment basis (9 or 12) and appointment percent. You may change these columns, though any changes will not be reflected in the columns to the left. Column T is based on Column Q. If you change the appointment percent (Column S), the monthly actual (Column T) will recalculate, based on the annualized salary rate in Column Q.

Increase Summary Section: At the bottom (or on the last page) of the worksheet, you will find a summary section. This is a tool to assist you in determining the total dollar amount for distribution.

  • #1 - Total Base Salary Amount for Eligible Employees: This amount is the total of Column K (Annual Full-Time Salary Rate as of 05/02/23). It is adjusted automatically based on entries in Column L (No Increase Codes). The total annual salary base excludes Sabbaticals and Tenured Appointment Placeholder positions.
  • #2 – 3% Annual Salary Available within the Salary Increase Pool: This cell calculates the 3% available for the awarding of salary increases. Changes in #1 – Total Annual Salary Base amount will automatically be accounted for in this cell.
  • #3 – Sum of Proposed Increases in Column P: The sum of the salary increases from column P (excludes placeholders coded “TP” in R-Department Remarks)
  • #4 - Amount Over/Under Distributed: Shows the dollars remaining.
  • #5 – Percent Distributed Above: Percent distributed (target equals 3%).

Employees No Longer in Your Unit: You may have employees listed on your worksheet who are no longer in your department/unit or who are currently in another unit. If so, please enter Code “C” in Column L and the employee’s current Time Sheet Org in Column R (Department Remarks).

Sabbaticals: Employees currently on sabbatical leave are listed in their regular, non-sabbatical position. Their sabbatical position is not on the worksheet. Complete the appropriate increase information for the listed regular, non-sabbatical position. Human Resources will prepare a separate spreadsheet for Payroll’s use to apply the increase to both the regular and sabbatical positions if applicable.

Adding employees: Three (3) additional blank rows are provided at the bottom of each worksheet to add employees if the employee meets the eligibility criteria as required. Reasons to add employees include employees who in their current position have recently transferred to your unit from elsewhere in the university or employees who are missing from the worksheet without an apparent reason. If you do not have enough blank rows on your worksheet, please contact your HRSP.

Stipends: Stipends for Faculty Excellence, Distinguished Professor, and other awards are not eligible for increases and, therefore, are not included on the worksheets. For other types of stipends, refer to the employee’s stipend conditions outlined in their personnel documents to determine if an increase is appropriate.

Information for Supervisors

  • Memo from Faculty Affairs and University Human Resources (3/21/2023)
  • Presentation: Communicating FY24 Faculty Salary Increases

We recommend that supervisors find a time to connect preferably before June 30th with each employee to verbally convey your appreciation for their work efforts during the past academic or fiscal year. In this discussion, you should share:

  1. Highlight a few ways in which their work contributed positively to the University and unit goals.
  2. Recognize that the past year presented some unique challenges and opportunities and that their ability to navigate these situations is very much appreciated.
  3. Share the employee’s new salary moving into the new academic/fiscal year. (Please note that we do not recommend stating the percentage increase, but rather the new salary.) The new salary will be visible in by or about July 6th for those on 12-month appointments. The new rates will be effective [July 1 (fiscal year) or September 16 (academic year), based upon the employee’s appointment]. Details about how an employee can view this information is available on the HR website.
  4. Remind them of your support in the upcoming year and excitement about the opportunities moving forward in the new academic/fiscal year.

If the supervisor is unable to connect with an employee to share the news verbally, they may send a brief note on letterhead. Please note that if you choose to send a letter to the employee, HR does not need a copy at the central level, but we do recommend that you keep a copy within the departmental file. Below is a template language to be used:

Dear [Name],

I’d like to express my appreciation for your efforts during the [Academic/Fiscal] Year 2022-23. Eligible academic and professional faculty who met eligibility requirements and met expectations received a 2% increase. Additional increases were possible to reward especially high performance. Based on your performance and achievements toward your goals, you will receive a [percent] increase to your salary, effective [July 1 or September 16]. Please note that OSU salaries are subject to rounding.

Thank you for the many ways in which you positively impact the lives of the OSU community members. 

[Supervisor Name]

Information for Employees

Employees on a full year contract may view their new salary information on or about July 7th at Please login to your account and you’ll be taken to your Employee Dashboard. Find the resource titled “Online Services Employee Dashboard.” You can find this resource in the Featured section or in the main Resources tab. Then select Pay Information or Earnings Statement to expand the section for more detail.

Should you have questions, please reach out to AskHR for further assistance.