Academic Faculty

Petition for possible transition to Professor of Teaching appointment (at rank TBD)

Between October 1, 2023, and April 30, 2024, existing academic faculty (1) who hold doctoral-level degrees and (2) whose previously assigned work (prior to AY2023-24) and current assigned work (AY2023-24) aligns with the PoT division of effort, may petition for possible transition to a Professor of Teaching appointment.
The online petition will open on October 1, 2023 and requires login with ONID credentials. An academic faculty member seeking consideration for this transition should submit only one petition. A copy of responses will be sent to the faculty member’s email. Upon receipt of the petition, University HR will contact the faculty member’s supervisor(s) to verify the employee’s currently assigned job duties and whether the duties will be assigned moving forward, and assess whether those duties are commensurate with a Professor of Teaching appointment.
Petitions will be evaluated in the order they are received. The response time is dependent on volume, completeness and accuracy of the information received, etc. If approved, the faculty member’s PoT appointment will take effect the first of the month after the academic faculty member submitted their petition. We anticipate the Assistant Professor (Teaching) rank will be appropriate for most transitioned appointments.
Academic faculty who transition to Professor of Teaching appointments (at any rank) must receive at least one year of credit toward promotional eligibility with their new appointment. This promotional credit recognizes past effort consistent with the assigned duties. Fixed-term academic faculty who transition into a Professor of Teaching appointment may not be paid at a lower salary or receive a shorter contract length than they are currently eligible to receive.