The purpose of an academic wage appointment is to complete a short-term, non-recurring, non-teaching work assignment, typically lasting 90 calendar days or less. It is appropriate to use this appointment method when:

  • The workload is intermittent/sporadic, but ongoing.
  • A person is being placed into an "acting" appointment (those positions filled on a temporary basis to replace a regular, unclassified employee on leave). An acting appointment is made using the academic wage appointment process, NOT the regular, unclassified appointment process.
  • A current, regular status employee is provided an unclassified developmental opportunity (a temporary job assignment that allows an employee to gain new skills and experience relevant to his/her career goals).


Salary vs. Hourly Academic Wage Pay
An employee on an academic wage appointment may be appointed on an hourly basis, rather than a salary basis (forecast pay) when the hours per week cannot be predicted or will fluctuate, or if the type of work to be conducted dictates hourly employment.