Sample Position Descriptions For: Academic Advisor 

(Position Title:  Advisor)

Position Summary:

[Briefly summarize why the position exists and its role in achieving unit/program objectives.]

This position provides academic advising, program and curriculum support to the College of [XXXXX].  Assist students in evaluating academic abilities, establishing and accomplishing academic goals and objectives.  Plan, develop, market and evaluate programs related to the discipline and career preparation.


[Identifies the breadth and scope of decisions, the level of autonomy and review, and any specific guidelines used to make those decisions, i.e. OAR’s, FASOM, etc.]

Responsible for prepare academic course schedules that promote timely degree completion; assists with petitions for course substitution.  Has the authority to [override??] course overfills.

Accountable for active assistance to students on academic warning, probation or suspension; recommending the best educational path for degree completion.


[Describe the major or most important duties performed by this position. Be clear about both the overall function and specifics of work performed.  There should be an easily identifiable relationship between the duties, position summary, decision-making and lead work/supervisory responsibilities.]

XX%  Advise [undergraduate, lower or upper division] students on academic requirements and procedures associated with the program.

XX%  Evaluate and make recommendations on petitions and amendments to student’s program of study; monitor academic progress, complete graduation audits, maintain student files and records; evaluate transfer transcripts for equivalencies.

XX%  Prepare advising and marketing materials; develop and facilitate presentations using various multimedia options; coordinate large and small informational sessions; evaluate programs and make recommendations for revision/modification.

XX%  Teach [XXXXX] course to new students

XX%  Participate on curriculum committee(s),