Sample Position Descriptions For: Instructor OR Senior Instructor

Position Summary:

[Briefly summarize why the position exists and its role in achieving unit/program objectives.]

This primary purpose of this position is to foster critical thinking, advance student’s knowledge and skills through the teaching of [XXXXXX] discipline/courses.  The incumbent is expected to provide an intellectual foundation for students concerning [XXXXX].  The courses serve students in degree programs and provide enrichment experiences for both majors and non-majors.


[Identifies the breadth and scope of decisions, the level of autonomy and review, and any specific guidelines used to make those decisions, i.e. curriculum guidelines, etc.]

Uses standard curriculum guidelines for the appropriate discipline; courses content is reviewed by  department academic staff.


[Describe the major or most important duties performed by this position. Be clear about both the overall function and specifics of work performed.  There should be an easily identifiable relationship between the duties, position summary, decision-making and lead work/supervisory responsibilities.]

XX%      Develop curriculum for courses in [XXXXX] that are designed to engage and challenge students; may develop distance education course offerings.

XX%      Participate in advising and mentoring students

XX%      Participate in departmental and college governance and professional activities; serve on university committees, as time, interest and aptitude permit.