Social Justice Education Initiative at Oregon State University: Facilitated Learning Opportunities

SJEI Workshops are the heart of the program. Through the sharing of knowledge and experience embedded in research-based curricula, participants gain key insights that may lead to both short and long-term impacts that enhance learning, teaching, working, and service environments in a multitude of tangible ways. An important institutional outcome for the SJEI at Oregon State University is the establishment of shared vocabulary and conceptual frameworks for envisioning, discussing, and enacting topics of equity, diversity, and inclusion across the OSU community. The shared experience of the SJEI platform curricula creates a context for this visioning and discourse among colleagues, and this context is a foundational basis for institutional growth. SJEI is pedagogically aligned with the Difference, Power, and Oppression (DPO) and Search Advocate programs, further enhancing the context for institutional growth. SJEI workshop participation meets the continuing education requirement for the Search Advocate program.

All SJEI curricula are embedded with current research and promising practices in adult and social justice education and are intended to encourage institutional growth. The design of the curricula encourages everyone to engage, regardless of where they may be starting from. SJEI helps make the invisible inequities in the world around us visible and invites us to decide how we want to interact with dynamics we can now see more clearly. Participants are encouraged to replace judgment with curiosity, especially across difference, and to develop a better relationship with their imperfections. There is an emphasis on empathy and self-awareness, on interruption, reconciliation, and growth, and on applying practical, research-based strategies; we also laugh.

For session details, see the Workshop Descriptions.

SJEI Standard Workshops are offered in two formats:

1.    General workshops open to all OSU faculty, staff, and grad students; see the Registration site for the current schedule and to registration.
2.    Colleges, units, departments, and groups may elect to offer SJEI workshops internally as professional development with the opportunity to contextualize social justice considerations. Contact SJEI program director Jane Waite to arrange.

Customized Workshops

Standard workshops can be modified, or entirely new ones created to meet specific needs. Customized SJEI workshops provide opportunity for colleagues to grow relationships and address specific contexts. To arrange for a custom workshop, contact SJEI program director Jane Waite to arrange.