Workshop Descriptions

The Social Justice Education Initiative has a two-tiered structure for standard workshop delivery.

SJEI Tier One Platform Workshops

SJEI Platform Curricula: Session One

(4.5 hours via Zoom)

This is the introductory SJEI Session. A glossary is introduced and discussed, and we explore little-known Oregon history in a way that helps clarify our peculiar current context and surfaces dominant culture. Once we know more about how we got “here”, and what “here” looks like from multiple perspectives, we look at who we are and how that all fits together. Identity is explored as a social construct that, among other things, creates power hierarchies and is also intersectional and very complicated. Participants are asked to reflect on how this information changes what they think, believe, or feel, and what they might do differently in their work to ensure inclusive excellence.

Session One Learning Objectives:

  1. Apply a basic vocabulary in confidently with other participants
  2. Identify how history relates to the current context of Oregon and OSU.
  3. Recognize that our concepts of identity are informed by our social context.
  4. Recognize that a dominant culture exists, even if it is invisible to you.
  5. Understand that it is the social constructions of dominance that are problematic, not individuals with dominant identities.

SJEI Platform Curricula: Session Two

(2.5 hours via Zoom)

In the second session of the platform curricula, we explore a useful conceptual framework for improving our professional efficacy, as well as a tool for self-awareness. Cross-cultural communication is considered, and some practical strategies are discussed.

Session Two Learning Objectives:

  1. Apply concepts and vocabulary that will support effective communication with colleagues
  2. Identify basic cross-cultural communication skills
  3. Identify opportunities for increasing professional efficacy and community-building

SJEI Platform Curricula: Session Three

(2.5 hours via Zoom)

In the third session of the platform curricula, we focus on some of the specific ways discrimination and bias appear. We learn about recent neuroscience research that helps us understand the many influences that inform how we both see and interact with the world around us. Microaggressions are defined, their context explained, and we explore specific ways to gather the information we need to reconcile microaggressions.

Session Three Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize the existence and impact of one’s own implicit bias
  2. Explain what a micro-aggression is and why they occur
  3. Summarize how dominant culture is normalized, creating exclusion

SJEI Tier Two Standard Workshops

Tier Two Next Level workshops are educational opportunities that are specifically focused, and provide deeper discourse and practice on topics explored in the Tier One Platform. Current Tier Two Next Level workshop topics include:

  • A Deeper Look at Microaggressions: exploration and practice
  • Looking Back in Order to Move Forward: an Oregon historical timeline
  • Creating Equitable Teaching and Learning Environments
  • Cultural Appropriation: what’s behind what you see?


Additional Tier Two Next Level workshops are offered periodically, usually these are collaborations that engage specific areas of expertise amongst OSU faculty and graduate students. Current options include:

  • Intent into Action: The Black Lives Matter movement as an opportunity to advance authentic inclusion (with Anne Gillies, Director of the Search Advocate Program)
  • Implicit Bias: decoding individual and structural racism that surfaces despite our best intentions (with Anne Gillies, Director of the Search Advocate Program)