University Philosophy

Integrating Work Life, Educational Life and Personal Life

Strolling across campusThe essence of our university is defined by its employees and students. Oregon State University is a community of individuals whose diverse backgrounds, talents and abilities enhance our success in providing an exceptional learning experience and in serving Oregon, the nation, and the world.

OSU benefits when we all recognize that balance in our lives and a flexible environment promotes learning, productivity and well-being. National research has shown that organizational programs and practices designed to provide family and personal life support improve motivation, morale and capacity for service.

At Oregon State University, we believe:

  • People are at their best when celebrated and supported by an engaged community.
  • People are more productive and successful when all aspects of their lives are recognized and respected.
  • Our community becomes more vital when people are empowered to contribute.

We are asking faculty, administrators, and supervisors to provide support and flexibility when personal needs outside the workplace or classroom arise for employees and students. You can do this by becoming familiar with the resources shared on the LifeBalanceOSU website.

The LifeBalanceOSU website is designed to provide information to assist you and the employees and students you come in contact with in finding avenues to balance professional, academic and family commitments and life pursuits.

We also ask that you incorporate the guidelines below in the workplace and classroom. These guidelines are intended to encourage consideration and flexibility in accommodations and do not limit or replace any other existing rules or policies.

Guidelines for creating life balance at OSU.

  • Recognize the existence and importance of family and personal responsibilities and work with employees and students to respond to these needs.
  • To the extent possible, provide flexibility while maintaining academic or performance standards and meeting operational needs and goals.
  • Become familiar with university policies, procedures, rules and applicable collective bargaining agreement provisions related to employees and students. (Many of these are available on the LifeBalanceOSU website.)
  • Responsibly determine the relevance, feasibility, and timing of implementation of employee, student, and family support practices to produce mutually beneficial solutions. Safety concerns and avoidance of disruptions to regular activities are to be and will always be factors in such determinations.
  • Deans, directors and department heads are responsible for adopting successful strategies for employee, student and family support.

If we all work together to create a healthy and balanced community at OSU, we will benefit by creating a great place to work, learn, and carry out our mission as the State’s premier university.