Temporary Staff Position Important Information

IMPORTANT:  All external temporary agency and non-agency OSU temporary hires are coordinated through your HR Service Center team.  Please make your HR Service Center team your first point of contact.

Conditions for Hiring a Temporary Staff Employee

Effective with the 2019-2021 Universities/SEIU Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), temporary employees who have worked an average of four (4) or more hours per week during the most recent calendar quarter, and have a reasonable expectation of continued employment will be considered represented by the SEIU.  Reasonable expectation of ongoing employment is assumed until the temporary employee’s position is terminated. 

Temporary staff appointments must only be used for the purposes of meeting emergency, nonrecurring or short-term workload needs. Employment of a temporary worker, other than to replace a regular employee on leave, cannot exceed the equivalent of six calendar months (1,040 hours) in a twelve month period, beginning with the first day of employment.

Represented temporary employees have the same classification title and base rate of pay for the appropriate classification as regular classified employees.  Rates of pay for represented temporary employees must be within the established ranges, minimum and maximum, according to the salary appendices in the 2015-19 CBA.  All represented temporary appointments will continue to be paid on an hourly basis.

Short-Term Temporary Workload Needs

When a temporary workload need is expected to last 30 days or less, departments/units should use an external temporary employment agency to provide temporary workers for OSU. Administrative costs associated with placing a new employee on the OSU payroll for a limited period of time can be significantly higher than those associated with using a temporary employment agency.

In addition, if a position is anticipated to perform 52 paid hours of work or less in a 30 day period, the department MUST use one of the approved external temporary agencies to contract an external temporary employee.

Longer-Term Temporary Workload Needs

Temporary employees working over 52 hours in a 30 day period may be hired as OSU temporary employees OR through an external temporary agency.  The Online Recruiting System https://jobs.oregonstate.edu/hr is used to submit an Establish and Fill action to hire an OSU temporary worker.  If an INTERNAL candidate has been identified for placement into an OSU temporary position, submit the action as non-competitive, otherwise submit the action as External/Competitive for a minimum posting period of 5 business days.  All temporary staff requests are processed through the online recruiting system, except for those handled through external temporary employment agencies or for temporary staff in the TS901 classification.

Use of External Temporary Employment Agencies

 When contracting external temporary employees the university is required to utilize the services of a Qualified Rehabilitation Facility (QRF) in accordance with the provisions of ORS 279-835 to 279-855 and applicable Administrative Rules.

The Temporary Employment Agency Request form is available in the Recruit/Select section of the OSCAR website at https://oscar.oregonstate.edu/public/recruit.aspx .   Click on “Temporary Employment Agency Request,” complete the form and submit it to your HR Service Center team.  Should you have questions or need assistance, contact your HR Service Center team. 

Please do not submit a request to a temporary agency directly.  All requests must go through your HR Service Center team.

Qualified Rehabilitation Facilities

There are other QRF’s on the DAS list, but the following agencies have been most commonly used by OSU based on their location and ability to meet our state-wide needs.

When a QRF is unable to meet our placement needs within a reasonable time period (typically 24 hours) from the date a request is submitted by the HR Service Center team, the HR Service Center team may use Barrett Business Services, Inc. (BBSI). OSU has an exclusive contract with BBSI to back up our QRF’s when they cannot meet our needs for temporary workers.


Hourly Pay Ranges for External Temporary Employees (Effective 7/01/18)

Position Class

Position Title

Pay Range (Hourly Rate)



$12.24 - $24.57



$12.24 - $24.57


Food Service

$12.24 - $24.57



$12.24 - $24.57


Non-Teaching Professional (Other)

$15.04 - $46.82


Skilled Craft

$13.05 - $32.20



$15.04 - $46.82

Temporary Farm Laborers

Farm laborers may be contracted through a temporary employment agency or as OSU temporary employees (Temporary Biological Sciences Research Worker). The definition of farm laborer is: nursery employees or drivers that work on acreage or facilities devoted to the raising and harvesting of nursery and foliage plants. This involves planting, fertilizing and watering, trimming, potting and repotting plants. Farm laborers also cultivate by hand, including hoeing and weeding – regardless of the crop task. Vineyard workers, landscaping and tree pruning/grafting are also covered under the farm labor requirements.

Contact your HR Service Center team for assistance in hiring farm laborers. If contracting a temporary employee, OSU contracts with specific agencies to provide this type of service in the College of Ag Sciences. Your HR Service Center team can assist you if you have needs outside of the College of Ag Sciences.


Internal Appointee Guidelines

Temporary Staff Position Title Definitions

2019-2021 Universities/SEIU Collective Bargaining Agreement

DAS QRF Program

Qualified Rehabilitation Facilities (QRF) Contracting

The Temporary Employment Agency Request form

is available in the Recruit/Select section of the OSCAR website at https://oscar.oregonstate.edu/public/recruit.aspx . This must be submitted by the requesting department.

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