Job Family


Job Functions

Academic Services

Involves activities related to programs that enhance the academic environment for students; support faculty development; conduct ongoing assessment and provide institutional data

Assist, direct, or administer one or many external programs which aid in the support of undergraduate, graduate, and faculty programs. Design, development, implementation and/or evaluation of programs, including technical support

Administrative Services

Involves activities related to administrative and support services for individuals, groups, offices, or departments

Provide assistance and administrative support to one or many departments, executives or managers; Support may include preparation of documents or materials; organization and facilitation of meetings, events, conference calls; supervision of staff; coordination of confidential or sensitive information


Involves activities related to or in support of university athletic programs or student athletics; enhance student athlete welfare; external and internal relations and communications; enhance infrastructure and resource development; maintain athletic facilities

Provide management and administrative oversight of operations of athletic programs; Athletic coaching; Equipment management; Training and Conditioning; Technical support and infrastructure;

Business and Finance Services

Involves activities related to the planning and management of university financial operations; Involves activities related to administrative and management functions for major campus services

Provides management and administrative oversight for University Accounting; Billing/Collections; Budget and Finance; Payroll; Purchasing; Provides support to campus through administration of Printing and Mailing; Freight; Surplus property; Recycling; Procurement; Motor pool; Real property management

Clinical and Health Services

Involves activities related to the provision of human and/or animal clinical, diagnostic pathology or wellness programs, services, education and training

Provides administration of human and/or animal health care; Wellness training; Counseling and Psychological Services; Veterinary or Pharmacy services; Clinical, diagnostic education; Community health outreach education, training, and services

Communications and Marketing

Involves activities related to promoting the university and its services to multiple internal and external constituencies through a variety of media

Provides Design services; Communications and Media relations; Events management; Marketing;

Executive/Chief Officers

Involves offices holding the top administrative positions, with campus-wide reach

Provides direction for setting policy and course of action for the University

Facilities and Operations

Involves activities related to the design, construction, inspection, maintenance, and operations of university property, buildings, and grounds;

Provides Management of the maintenance and repair of university property; Facilities planning and design; Management of environmental health and safety programs; 

Field, Research, and Outreach Services

Involves activities related to the field, extension, and teaching/research locations and partner institutions on and off the main campus; Involves activities related to research project management and data collection

Provides Management, including physical maintenance and operation of farms; greenhouses; and animal teaching or research facilities; Field work or data collection; Provides administration, research for and delivery of Community outreach programs;

Food and Retail Services

Involves activities related to the provision of dining, food, and retail  services to students, staff, and the public;

Provides management of Food Services and operations; Management of Catering operations;  Management of Retail food or services operations;

Information Technology

Involves activities related to the planning, developing, and maintaining of information systems and operation

Provides services for Application Systems Development; Computer Operations and Help Desk; Information Security; IT Training; Network Infrastructure; Telecommunications; Web Services; IT Project Management;

Institutional Advancement and Development

Involves the support of strategic growth initiatives and development activities such as strategic planning, establishing and maintaining donor or alumni relationships; internal development and enhancement strategies; capital campaigns

Provides leadership and management of Advancement services; Alumni relations; Annual giving; Community/Government relations; Major gifts; Planned giving

Legal and Compliance

Involves activities related to regulatory compliance and legal concerns

Provides administration and guidance to the university for Compliance; Risk Management; Intellectual Property; Legal services; Accreditation/Licensure; IRB; Safety reporting; Internal audit; Contract negotiation; Real property acquisition; AAEOE functions;

Library and Museum

Involves activities related to planning, acquiring, and managing the access for the university's library and museum collections and operations

Provides management of Library services; Collections development and curation

Maritime Operations

Involves activities related to maritime and ship operations, port or dock engineering,

Provides services, management, and administration for material readiness of research vessels; Preparation of specifications for shipyard and repair activities; Procedures and Documentation to meet regulatory requirements for ship safety and operation

Organizational Development

Involves activities related to the practice of planned, systematic changes in attitudes and understanding of campus population through creation, development and reinforcement of long-term institutional programs; Involves activities related to the delivery of services to support human resources needs for the university

Provides services and administration of  Training and Development; Equity and Inclusion; Provides administration and management of Benefits; Classification and Compensation; HRIS; Employee Relations; Labor Relations; Employment Services

Student Services

Involves activities related to the support and enhancement of the quality of student life at the university; Activities related to the provision of housing services to students

Provides services and administration of Admissions; Advising; Career development/placement services; Financial Aid; Registrar; Residential life; Student activities/Events; Post-graduate support; Recreational Sports; Management of student housing