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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Human Resources Manual

Policies, Guidelines and Reference Material: 
Statutory Authority: 

Extended fixed-term contracts are generally available to employees in the following academic ranks who are appointed at a minimum of 0.75 FTE, have been in their position at least four (4) years, have made significant contributions to the University over a sustained period, and have passed the first promotion in rank:

  • Senior Instructor I and Senior Instructor II;
  • Associate and Full Professor (Extension);
  • Associate and Full Professor (Senior Research);
  • Associate and Full Professor (Clinical);
  • Associate and Full Professor (Practice); and
  • Senior Faculty Research Assistant I and Senior Faculty Research Assistant II.

An extended year contracts may also be given to the head of a major administrative unit, generally upon initial appointment into his/her position, upon approval of the respective Vice President or Vice Provost and the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. 

A reasonable expectation of funding continuation for the position must exist for an extended fixed-term contract to be given to a faculty member.  Fixed-term faculty in positions funded by education and general funds will be considered for an extended contract if there is a reasonable expectation that funds will be available for the duration of the contract.  Education & General funds or other types of recurring funds (e.g. Federal or County Extension funds, Forest Research Lab funds, Federal Agriculture Experiment Station) may meet this criteria.

Process to Initiate An Extended Fixed-Term Contract: 

A justification letter that includes the following information is to be prepared by the department/ unit head and submitted to the dean for concurrence and approval of the request for an extended fixed-term contract:

  • Employee’s name, rank and position number;
  • Time in academic rank and rank promotion date;
  • Employee’s FTE;
  • Funding source(s) for the contract;
  • A statement explaining the anticipated funding period available for continuation of the position; and
  • Summary of the employee’s sustained contributions to the University.

Human Resources Procedures:

If the request is approved by the dean, the department/unit representative forwards the justification letter, including the dean’s approval signature, to the Academic Human Resources Officer in the Office of Human Resources.  The Office of Human Resources will review extended fixed-term contract requests for consistency with policy and coordinate review and approval by the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. 

If approved:

  • The Office of Human Resources will prepare and forward the extended fixed-term contract letter to the requesting department/unit to be signed by the department head, dean and faculty member.
  • The signed contract letter must be returned to the Office of Human Resources before the contract will be fully executed and committed to the employee’s personnel file and Banner record.  .

If denied, all materials will be returned to the department with an accompanying explanation.

Annual Review: The department head will review the appropriateness of continuation of an extended year contract each year, consistent with University contract renewal policies.  The department head will continue to be aware of, record, and hold employees accountable for performance levels during their extended year contract.  Documentation of such a review will be maintained in the department. 

For more information about academic appointments, see the Academic Appointment Guidelines