A Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement (FWAA) is a document that defines the terms of the specific flexible work arrangement between an employee, their supervisor, and appropriate university leadership. FWAA are required for situations in which an employee is performing assigned duties which that normally be performed on-campus or at a university worksite during the standard work schedule of the employee’s unit. The FWAA defines the specific flexible working arrangement that has been authorized for the employee to work on a consistently scheduled basis, and the way in which assigned duties will be completed.

A flexible work arrangement agreement is not required for occasional and intermittent worksite flexibility considered mutually beneficial between an employee and their supervisor. This sort of flexibility has always been available to professional faculty, in consultation with their supervisor, and it will continue to be so without a FWAA.

Consistent with longstanding practice, academic faculty have the flexibility to choose the location in which they do their work, aside from scheduled on-site classes, required on-site office hours, and required on-site staff meetings or other engagements. Academic faculty do not need a flexible work agreement to continue these customary work practices.

A flexible work arrangement agreement is not required for approved leaves of absence, including sabbaticals

Added Considerations:
For employees working outside of the state of Oregon and within the United States, and for employees working outside the United States, additional information and steps for approval are required. Please visit the Working Out of State webpage before completing the steps below.


Please follow these instructions when completing and submitting a FWAA for:

  1. Employee and supervisor meet to discuss the specifics of the flexible work arrangement and to determine whether a flexible work arrangement is suitable for the employee’s specific position and the business needs of the unit.

  2. Employee and supervisor complete sections A, B, C, and D of the FWAA form.

  3. Supervisor consults unit leadership for final approval.

    1. FWAA’s for work locations outside the state of Oregon and within the United States or outside the United States must be routed through Employee and Labor Relations.

      • Employee and Labor Relations will provide supervisor and unit leadership with an overview of considerations and costs associated with the requested flexible work arrangement.
      • Supervisor and unit leadership will make a final determination on whether to approve the requested flexible work arrangement based on information provided by Employee and Labor Relations and an understanding of costs to the unit.
  4. If the requested flexible work arrangement is approved, the supervisor will upload the completed FWAA for signatures in DocuSign. The DocuSign signing order should be as follows:
    1. Employee
    2. Supervisor
    3. Dean/VP
    4. Employee and Labor Relations
    • (if FWAA is for a work location outside the state of Oregon and within the United States, or outside the United States)
    • Sender access in DocuSign can be requested by completing the Sender Access Request form.
    • DocuSign support resources are available on the OSU DocuSign Resources webpage.
    • If unable to request sender access, please send the completed and unsigned PDF to employee.relations@oregonstate.edu, who will facilitate routing for signatures.
  5. Once the FWAA is completed, Employee and Labor Relations will forward the completed agreement to the HR Service Center and Employee Benefits. Employee Benefits may reach out to employees to provide additional guidance and information regarding their benefits and flexible work modality.

  6. The HR Service Center will update the employee’s job location in Banner and upload the FWAA to the employee’s personnel record in OnBase.




Flexible Work Arrangement Agreement