Utilizing LinkedIn Learning as a Manager or Supervisor

LinkedIn Learning provides easy access to training materials for you and your team.  While OSU has many other training resources and materials, these are on-demand, universally available resources that may be customized to your organization or team.

FAQs for Managers & Supervisors

LinkedIn Learning provides an extensive library of online training courses that can be used for a variety of development needs and goals.

Courses can be suggested or assigned to employees:

  • in response to learning goals that emerge from development discussions
  • to support new assignments that require new information and skills
  • to support onboarding
  • to level-set knowledge and skills across the team
  • to support individual career interests
  • to develop new technical skills or keep technical skills up to date
  • to support job-related training that is offered internally

During COVID-19, LinkedIn Learning courses and resources can support a variety of learning needs that respond to current personal and professional challenges in responding to the pandemic.

  • Access templates and courses to better serve you in your everyday role as a manager or supervisor.
  • Gain guidance and learning paths specific to professional development for Managers and Supervisors.
  • Access tools to create employee-centered engagement in ongoing performance discussions and the performance review process.

We recommend that employees and supervisors have frequent discussions around career development and establish expectations around participation in professional development opportunities. See our Talking Points and Guidance (below) to get started with those employee conversations!

Take part in the informational webinar for managers and supervisors with a demo of LinkedIn Learning and Q&A!

  • What: OSU Managers and Supervisors LinkedIn Learning Demo
  • When: Friday March 12th 11:30am-12:30pm PST
  • Register on our Demonstrations page!
  • Can't make it? We will upload a recording to the Demonstrations page by the following Wednesday!

Set up your LinkedIn Learning account

  • View our Getting Started page for step-by step instructions!
  • Visit our FAQ page for answers to your General, Technical, and Learning Content questions.

Start learning!

   Talking Points and Guidance for Managers & Supervisors

We've prepared some talking points to help you get started with talking about LinkedIn Learning with your employees.

View Talking Points for Managers & Supervisors

We’ve also prepared some guidance as you discuss professional development with your employees.

View Guidance for Managers & Supervisors

  Recommended Courses for Managers & Supervisors

We’ve compiled a small sampling of recommended courses to get you started and assist, in your role as Manager or Supervisor, in utilizing LinkedIn Learning with your teams.  Let’s get started!