Unit/Department Responsibilities

employeeAn integration that is specific to the employee's department enables the new employee to receive one-on-one attention and allows departments to tailor information to meet their college or unit needs. Initially, the employee might be taken around their work area, introduced to key personnel. Consider them a guest that you are showing through your home.

  1. Develop a unit-specific checklist that might include information on signature authority, purchasing processes, safety items, etc.
  2. Delegate a person to show the new employee around and take care of internal needs such as keys, computer, ID card, human resource forms, classroom logistics, student computer services, etc.
  3. Consider developing an internal "buddy" or mentor program.
  4. Invite the employee to an informal coffee with office staff, director or department head.
  5. Introduce key personal within and outside of your unit.
  6. Identify campus-wide programs important to the employee's long-term success, such as promotion and tenure, research and grants, support services, etc.