Introduction to your orientation

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Welcome to OSU!

Your new employee orientation experience will establish the basis for everything that follows in your career at OSU. A solid assimilation plan involves a series of meetings, introductions and on-going conversations with supervisors and key people to help you understand your day-to-day responsibilities, and how they contribute to the overall achievements of OSU.

At OSU, orientation activities are mostly decentralized because each unit and department are unique. As a land, sea and space grant university, the activities of teaching, research and public service are exclusive and unique. The information in this website will help get you started understanding the "bigger picture" of OSU and the resources and services it offers to you.

Above all, you are vital to your department's accomplishments, and your supervisor and other department managers have a great interest in your success. Frequent and open communication between you and your supervisor is essential to a mutually beneficial working partnership. Your relationship with your supervisor should allow you to feel comfortable with the following:

  • Communicating your needs and expectations
  • Asking questions and discussing problems
  • Sharing suggestions you have to improve work processes and team performance

Supervisors are an important link to many of the resources available for your personal growth and professional development at OSU. Whenever you need assistance or support, you should begin with your supervisor.

Best of luck in your new career!