Tuition Reduction (Staff Fee Privileges)


Application Deadlines
  • Fall 9/29/2023 (if attending OSU 10/25/2023)
  • Winter 1/2/2024 (if attending OSU 2/5/2024)
  • Spring 3/27/2024 (if attending OSU 4/29/2024)
  • Summer 6/18/2024 (if attending OSU 7/22/2024)


Application Deadlines
  • Fall 9/19/2023 (if attending OSU 10/25/2023)
  • Winter 12/22/2023 (if attending OSU 2/5/2024)
  • Spring 3/18/2024 (if attending OSU 4/29/2024)
  • Summer 6/10/2024 (if attending OSU 7/22/2024)

Note: The Fall Term deadlines are updated once the last deadline for Summer Term has passed. Return the completed and signed form, three to four weeks before the start of the term to insure timely processing of the form.

  • The Oregon Public Universities (Eastern Oregon University, Oregon Institute of Technology, Oregon State University, Portland State University, Southern Oregon University, University of Oregon, and Western Oregon University) offer an employee benefit to eligible employees appointed to at least .50 FTE, on the first day of the term, (not including temporary or student employees) to register for courses and receive reduced tuition rates for a maximum of 12 credit hours. Eligible employees may choose to transfer this benefit to a qualified family member each term.
  • All OSU locations: submit your completed Staff Fee form for processing to the HR Service Center at [email protected]. For assistance, send email to [email protected] or call AskHR at 541-737-3103.
  • Only submit a form for the current term. Multiple forms for multiple terms cannot be accepted. Setting a calendar reminder can be a helpful tool in reminding you to submit a new form each term you are planning on using the benefit, or if you are transferring the benefit to an eligible family member.