The information provided here does not represent all training conducted at OSU. Training at OSU is a decentralized effort.

OSU Critical Training Program

All faculty, staff, graduate assistants, student employees and volunteers acting on behalf of OSU are responsible to contribute to OSU vision, mission and values, and to conduct themselves ethically, with the highest integrity, and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies. 

OSU is committed to providing tools and resources to ensure that we fulfill our commitments. One such resource is the OSU Critical Training Program. The OSU Critical Training Program prepares people to fulfill these commitments through training on topics of import. Given the importance of the topics covered, the training is mandatory.

Faculty, staff, temporary employees, student employees, graduate assistants, postdoc scholars, clinical fellows, emeritus employees with a post-retirement appointment. Volunteers will be included in the future.

Access Critical Training to see which trainings you need to complete. Use your OSU credentials to log in. 

Critical Training Program staff in University Human Resources are happy to assist you. Please contact us for support.

Human Resources Employee Training and Informational Sessions

Diversity Training by Various Campus Units

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