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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits - 236 Kerr | 541-737-2805  
Bonny Ray Executive Director for University Human Resources 541-737-2806  
Rachel Forslund Benefits Manager: PEBB and Grad Health Specialists 541-737-2835 Schedule Appointment
PEBB Health Insurance | questions about health plans, optional benefits and FSAs
Jessica Dalziel HR Benefits Systems Analyst 541-737-0754 Schedule Appointment
Harrison Edwards

Benefits Specialist 
Focus area: PEBB Health Insurance for New Hire enrollment


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Betty Buck

Benefits Specialist
Focus area: PEBB Health Insurance termination due to loss of eligibility

541-737-3521 Schedule Appointment
Brittney Holcomb Benefits Specialist
Focus area: PEBB Health Insurance midyear/life events, FTE changes for current employees
541-737-8327 Schedule Appointment
Graduate Health Plans with Pacific Source | questions about health insurance for Postdoctoral Scholars, Graduate Assistants, Graduate Fellows and Clinical Fellows
Denis Ellrodt Benefits Specialist 541-737-7568 Schedule Appointment
Elizabeth Moreno Hernandez Benefits Specialist 541-737-0736 Schedule Appointment
Protected Leaves
Whitney Brown

HR Officer

Lori Schmidt

HR Officer

David Parrish Paid Leave Specialist 541-737-5946  
Retirement | questions about OSU retirement plan options
Ruth Nelson HR Officer 541-737-8254 Schedule Appointment
Audrey Roberson HR Officer 541-737-5689 Schedule Appointment
Work Life | questions about Employee Assistance Programs, Dual Career and resources for families
Christina Schaaf Work Life Coordinator 541-737-4960 Schedule Appointment