Staying Connected with OSU

Retiree ID Cards

OSU Retirees may apply for an OSU Retiree ID card at the ID Center. Acquiring an OSU Retiree ID Card will help simplify your ability to receive many other campus services as an OSU Retiree.

Email Account

Emeritus Faculty

OSU email privileges are available for OSU Emeritus Faculty. Please contact Information Services (IS) at the Valley Library Circulation Desk at 541-737-3474 or visit the ONID website.

Non-Emeritus Employees

Effective June 1, 2017, OSU Retiree e-mail ( privileges are available to non-Emeritus employees who retire from OSU and have 25 years of service with OSU. Non-Emeritus employees who retired prior to June 1, 2017 with 25 years of service may also request an OSU Retiree email account. To request an OSU Retiree email, visit this knowledge base article.

Valley Library

OSU Retirees may purchase a library card at the Circulation Desk in Valley Library as long as they have an OSU Retiree ID card. Emeritus Faculty receive regular faculty library privileges without having to purchase a library card.

Parking on Campus

Parking permits are available for OSU Retirees and may be purchased from the Transportation Services office.

Enrolling in Classes

OSU Retirees continue to be eligible to enroll in OSU classes at staff rates if your last FTE on record is 0.50 or greater. The rate applies only if you are taking the class for credit. You may audit classes at no charge with the instructor's consent.

Athletic Tickets

For more information on athletic tickets, call 1-800-GO BEAVS or 541-737-4455.

OSU Bookstore

With an OSU Retiree ID card, you are eligible to receive faculty discounts. This discount applies to purchases made on the book (lower) level only.

Faculty/Staff Fitness Program

OSU Retirees may enroll in classes offered through the Faculty/Staff Fitness Program.

Department of Recreational Sports

OSU Retirees may purchase memberships to use other recreational facilities such as Dixon Recreation Center. Memberships are available by the term, year, or day at regular staff rates when you present your OSU ID card.

Oregon State University Retirement Association (OSURA)

Faculty and Staff members retiring from OSU are invited to join the Oregon State University Retirement Association (OSURA). OSURA promotes engagement among OSU retirees and between OSU Retirees and the university by providing information, programs, scholarships and volunteer service opportunities that contribute to a rewarding retirement and that support the University's mission.

Oregon PERS Retirees, Inc. (OPRI)

The Oregon PERS Retirees, Inc. (OPR ) is the state's largest organization the exists solely to protect the rights and benefits of Oregon's retired public employees (PERS retirees). They serve PERS retirees by monitoring PERS disbursements, advocating for PERS retirees at the Legislature and, when necessary, defending PERS retirees in court.

OSU Alumni Association

OSU Retirees are eligible to join the OSU Alumni Association. For a description of fees and benefits visit the OSU Alumni Association website.

Beaver Lodge Newsletter

Beaver Lodge is an engaging bi-weekly newsletter for the OSU community. When you sign up for Beaver Lodge, you can enjoy OSU Athletics highlights, discover faculty expertise and research, explore academic enrichment, celebrate alumni achievements, attend online and in-person gatherings, create fun for kids and more! To subscribe, visit the Beaver Lodge Newsletter website.

OSU Today

OSU Today is delivered to your email each morning. Today in the News Media is a synopsis of some of the most prominent coverage of OSU people and programs.

OSU Event Calendar

Contains a full list of all OSU events. Additional information about OSU events, activities and programs can be found on the OSU Events Calendar.