Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF)

Oregon State University is a qualifying employer for public service loan forgiveness. Employees who have Federal Direct Loans and have made 120 payments on the Federal Direct Loans (after Oct. 1, 2007) may be eligible for the remaining loan balance to be forgiven. Only payments made under certain repayment plans may be counted toward the required 120 payments, and loans must not be in default to be forgiven.

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program is administered by Federal Student Aid an office of the U.S. Department of Education. For additional information on the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program including eligibility requirements, the application process and help tools see the Federal Student Aid Website.

Employees can e-mail questions and forms to the HR Employment Verification team by reaching out to If employees need the PSLF form filled out, they can e-mail the form as an attachment. Please remove or hide the SSN on the form. University Human Resources will complete the section of the Employment Certification form to certify employment with the university, sign the form and return it via e-mail.

Webinar (6/14/2022): Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program and the Temporary Waiver

Student Debt Solution Benefit for OSU Employees Through TIAA

OSU has an additional benefit available for employees and their dependents through our partnership with TIAA called Savi. Savi functions as an advocate and a concierge for the student debt journey. Employees can visit their site to get a better estimate of how much they could save. It takes about 20 minutes and requires employees to provide information about income, taxes, family, and student debt. Savi's calculator will take all that into account and provide a recommended course of action. Once employees understand their options, they can decide if they want to proceed with any of the available programs

Employees can find out more about this optional benefit at this Savi/TIAA website or they can contact Savi directly at

SAVI has bi-monthly webinars employees can sign up for using this link:


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