PEBB Retiree Health Insurance Plans (Non-Medicare)


To be eligible, you MUST be:

  • Eligible to receive a PERS (age 55) or ORP (age 55) retirement pension; AND
  • Currently enrolled in PEBB Medical and/or Dental plans.
  • You do not need to be receiving a pension benefit.


  • Coverage can be continued until age 65 or Medicare eligibility.
  • PEBB coverage must be continuous from active-employee to retiree status.
  • Eligible individuals include the employee and their eligible dependents (spouse/partner and dependent children) which were covered on the employee’s active PEBB plans.
  • Choose between all PEBB Plans offered (full-time and part-time plans).
  • You may enroll in medical or dental coverage or both.
  • If you choose only dental or medical coverage, you will not be able to add the other coverage later.
  • If you are eligible for Medicare, you are not eligible for PEBB retiree coverage.
  • Enroll within 30-days from the date your PEBB coverage ends (Active and/or COBRA).
  • You cannot have a break in PEBB coverage (exception if covered as a PEBB dependent)
  • PEBB Retiree Pay Type Option Form


The PEBB Retiree Plans are administered by BenefitHelp Solutions (BHS).

PEBB Retiree Health Insurance Plans Website

PEBB Fact Sheet