PEBB COBRA Health Insurance (Non-Medicare)


  • Federal law allows you to continue the same coverage you had as an employee on a self-pay basis.
  • COBRA enrollment material will be mailed to you by BenefitHelp Solutions (BHS),  PEBB's third-party administrator.
  • You have 60 days from your termination date in which to enroll in COBRA coverage. 
  • COBRA coverage is retroactive back to the date your active employee coverage terminated.
  • COBRA continuation coverage is available for a limited time, usually 18 months.
    • If you retire because of disability, you may be eligible for an additional 11 months of COBRA coverage, for a total of 29 months.
    • In the event of your death, COBRA coverage may continue for dependents up to 36 months from the time you began to pay your own premium. Other provisions may apply for COBRA coverage.
  • COBRA coverage ends if you:
    • Become eligible for Medicare in the 18-month period (except those with end-stage renal disease);
    • Become covered by another group medical plan that does not exclude or limit coverage for pre-existing conditions; or
    • Fail to make a payment.
  • If you are eligible for Medicare and enroll in COBRA coverage it may limit your ability to enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plan and you may incur penalties on your Medicare premium. For more information contact the Social Security Administration or Medicare directly.
  • COBRA PEBB information and rates 
  • COBRA Notice
  • An Employee's Guide to Health Benefits under COBRA, US Department of Labor


The PEBB COBRA benefits are administered by BenefitHelp Solutions (BHS).