• Fidelity may offer their members hardship withdrawals to employees impacted by COVID-19. Employees can go to this section of Fidelity's website to find out more information here.

You may be able to take a out a loan from one of OSU's retirement accounts you are currently participating in.

Loans from PERS

Loans from PERS Tier 1, Tier 2, OPSRP (Tier 3), and the Individual Account Program (IAP) are not allowed.

Loans from the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP)

Beginning September 1, 2018, new loans are not available with the ORP. See page 13 of the Decision Making Guide.

Loans from the Tax Deferred Investment (TDI) 403(b) Plan

Loans are available with the TDI 403(b) Plan. See page 12 of the TDI 403(b) Guide.

For more information on TDI 403(b) Plan loans, contact Oregon Public Universities Retirement Plans (OPURP), the Plan Administrator for the TDI 403(b) Plan.

Contact OPURP

Loans from the Oregon Savings Growth 457 Plan (OSGP)

Loans are available with the 457 Plan.

For more information on 457 Plan loans, contact the Oregon Savings Growth 457 Plan (OSGP).

Contact OSGP