How to Enroll & How to Make Changes During the Year


New Employee – must enroll within 30 days of hire date

  • Online
  • Paper Forms.  You must use paper forms if you:
    • Opt Out of Medical coverage
    • Are enrolling the following dependents:
      • Dependent child by Affidavit
      • Grandchild by Affidavit
      • Domestic Partner by Affidavit or Domestic Partner’s Children
    • Return completed forms to Employee Benefits
      • Campus mail: 236 Kerr Administration Building
      • US mail: 236 Kerr Administration Building, Corvallis OR 97331-2132
      • Email:  [email protected]
      • Fax: 541-737-0541

Open Enrollment

  • Is your once-a-year opportunity to make changes to your benefit packages (i.e., increase/decrease coverage, add/drop coverage, etc.) without experiencing a qualified status change.
  • Open Enrollment is the month of October with changes taking effect in January. Exception is when a plan requires review of medical history before approving or denying coverage (Optional life insurance and long-term care insurance).
  • Each year you must re-enroll in your Flexible Spending Accounts if applicable.
  • Each year you must select your HEM participation status.
  • Each year you and your enrolled spouse/domestic partner must complete the online Health Assessment if you elect to participate in the HEM program for the new plan year.

Midyear Changes to Health & Optional Insurances

If you experience a qualifying event during the year, you may make changes to your benefit plans within 30 days of the qualifying event.

  • Qualifying Midyear events include, but are not limited to: Marriage, Divorce, Birth, Death, Loss of other Coverage, Gain Other Coverage, etc
  • Complete and return the Midyear Change Form within 30 days of the qualifying event to Employee Benefits.
  • For more information on Midyear Plan Changes