FMLA Scenario #2

John is preparing to adopt a child in two months. He wonders if he will be entitled to family and medical leave.

Caring for a child after adoption or foster care placement qualifies for FMLA and OFLA, so John will be eligible for up to 12 weeks of family and medical leave to spend time with his new child. (See question 5.)

He will need to notify his supervisor of his need for time off to care for the new child and specify how much time off he wishes to take.  If he is interested in working intermittently or a reduced schedule he will work with his supervisor to determine if or how his request can be accommodated (See question 16 and 21).  If his spouse or partner who also works for OSU, both may be eligible for FMLA and OFLA, and they can coordinate time off accordingly (See question 12 &14).  He should also contact OHR to discuss family and medical leave and enrolling the new family member in health and dental insurance.