If you are in need of retirement/financial counseling, you can contact our following representatives:

Justin Blatny
Schedule Appointment: https://nb.fidelity.com/public/nb/opurp/contactus/schedule-a-meeting
Email: Justin.Blatny@fmr.com
Phone: 503-278-0414

Eric Proctor
Schedule Appointment: http://www.tiaa.org/schedulenow
Email: EProctor@tiaa.org
Phone: 503-265-3940

Ian Rothrock
Schedule Appointment: http://www.tiaa.org/schedulenow
Email: Ian.Rothrock@tiaa.org
Phone: 720-572-6595

Oregon Savings Growth 457 Plan (OSGP)
Phillip Carbajal
Schedule Appointment: https://osgpregisterme.timetap.com/
Email: phillip.carbajal@voya.com
Phone: 360-953-4841

Independent Financial Planner - OSU Beyond Benefits
Beyond Benefits, our new Employee Assistance Program (EAP), can connect you with an independent financial planner who can provide you with retirement/financial counseling. For more information, please visit the Beyond Benefits webpage at: https://beav.es/beyond-benefits