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Solicitation Emails Regarding Retirement Counseling

It has come to our attention that some university employees have received solicitation emails from various companies offering their services for retirement counseling.

If you received a communication from companies such as “My403bonline”, “PERAhelps” or “Fed Resource” offering assistance with retirement plans, please be advised that these companies have no relationship with Oregon State University, Oregon Public Universities Retirement Plans (OPURP), PERS, or any of the fund sponsors (Fidelity, TIAA, AIG or OSGP).

Neither OSU nor OPURP endorse or recommend these services. If you have questions contact the Retirement@oregonstate.edu or OPURP.


As your time at Oregon State University concludes, our Retirement team is here to help you navigate the next chapter.

Use the tools below, if you have any questions contact us at retirement@oregonstate.edu



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