While on FMLA and/or OFLA Leave

  • Your health insurance (medical, vision, dental, basic life) is continued if you use any amount of FMLA or OFLA leave during the month.
  • OSU will continue to pay the same employer contribution toward your coverage even if you go into leave without pay status. 
  • You must continue to pay your portion of the premiums to avoid cancellation of your coverage.  Refer to Self-paying your premiums below.
  • Your optional benefits (life, disability, FSAs) will continue as long as you work or use sufficient paid leave to continue your coverage;  by self-paying your premiums; or by arranging to have the premiums taken out of your pre-tax compensation.

Self-paying Your Premiums.

If you do not have sufficient hours (work or paid leave) to continue benefits, you can self-pay your portion of your health and optional benefits by:

  • Contacting  Employee Benefits and arranging to have your portion of the premiums deducted from your pay before you go into leave without pay status; or
  • You will be invoiced for your portion of the health and optional premiums.  Submit your monthly payment for your share of the health insurance premium and any optional benefits you elect to continue to the University Payroll Office.