22. Do I have to specifically request family and medical leave to receive job protection for my time off?

You do not need to specifically ask for FMLA or OFLA leave for your first leave request, but you do need to provide enough information so the your supervisor is aware your absence(s) may qualify under the family medical leave laws.   For example:  you do not have to tell your supervisor or the University your diagnosis, but you do need to provide information such as,  I’ve been to the doctor and have been given antibiotics and told to stay home for 4 days.

Your initial notification can be provided by calling your supervisor or applying for protected leave (FMLA/OFLA) in EmpCenter under My Time Off, Establishment of a Protected Leave Case.  Refer to the FMLA/OFLA Quick Facts: Requesting & Use of Leave

Once a condition has been approved for FMLA or OFLA leave and you need additional leave for that condition, your request must mention that condition or your need for FMLA or OFLA leave.