How do I enroll a domestic partner in coverage and how does that impact my taxes?

A Domestic Partner (and family) can be added at the following times: 1) when you enroll as new hire; 2) enroll within 30 days of the establishment of the partnership; 3) during Open Enrollment; or 4) you or they experience a “Qualified Status Change” event.   

The Affidavit of Domestic Partnership form must be notarized and submitted along with the enrollment/midyear change form(s) when adding a domestic partner.  This form is not required when adding a registered domestic partner.

The "imputed value" of the benefit is considered taxable and may increase your Federal, State, Medicare, and Social Security taxes.  Additional information regarding dependent eligibility can be found on the PEBB Dependent Eligibility Verification form.  If your Domestic Partner meets all of the IRS criteria and qualifies as a federal tax dependent, submit the Domestic Partner Certification for Dependent Tax Status form.   Consult a tax advisor to determine the effect it will have on your taxes.